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Welcome!  My name is Tony Ritter and I'd like to introduce you to my website.  I've been a New York state licensed guide with over eighteen years experience on the main stem of the Delaware River.

My company, Gone Fishing Guide Service is located in the small hamlet of Narrowsburg, New York - right on the banks of the Delaware River.   I'm licensed by the National Park Service, the State of New York, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania along with being fully insured.

We operate seven days a week and our season runs from April through November.

The following are a few photos of our clients with their "catch of the day"...for trout....for shad....for bass and for walleye!

Wow! What a river that YOU can catch all of these freshwater gamefish only two hours from the New York / New Jersey metro area!

For more information about current river and weather conditions along with a webcam, doppler radar and my 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 AND 2011 online logbook which tracked our float trips from April through November please click on:

Good fishing to you!

Ocean run American Shad are related to the tarpon and herring.   They are born in the Delaware River, spend three or four years in the Atlantic Ocean and return to the place of their birth to spawn.   The best time to catch these strong fighters in our region is from late April through June.   The males, or bucks, average two to four pounds and the roe shad will go up to seven pounds.   Open face spinning gear with four or six pound test line or fly tackle may be used.   Lure selection should be shad darts, flutter spoons, spinners and weighted flashy streamers. more SHAD?     click!


best time:

late April through 

mid June - h2o: 52-68


The Upper Delaware River system has one of the finest wild trout fisheries in the United States.   The main stem of the Delaware begins in Hancock, New York and runs south - has a wild strain of rainbow trout which dates back to the days of the Erie railroad at the turn of the century.   These hard fighting rainbows can be found in the riffles and at the heads of the eddys.

The Upper Delaware River system has an abundance of caddis, mayflies and stoneflies which hatch from late April through September.   Early in the season when the water may be high and off color, spin fishermen using spoons or heavy spinners will have their day.   The best time to target trout will be from late April through early July and again from September through November. more TROUT?     click!

best time:

mid April through 

mid June

h2o: 48 - 64 Browns

h2o: 56 - 68 'Bows


These hard fighting scrappy fish can be caught from June through November.  When the water temperatures are in the upper sixties to mid seventies, smallmouth bass will be found in the riffs or near rock structures during the daylight hours and in the weed bed flats at dusk or on overcast days.


Catches of fifteen to thirty fish are possible using small floating Rapalas and Tiny Torpedos.   When the water cools in the fall, jigs tipped with Kalin or Berkley chartreuse grubs or small Rebel crawdad crankbaits are the way to go since the bronzebacks will be in the deeper pools. more BASS?     click!

best time:

mid June through 

early October

*prime h2o: 66 - 76


Man 1 with Delaware River bass


The Upper Delaware River has a sleeper of a walleye fishery.   The best time to go after ol' marble eyes is in late October up until ice-up when the water temperatures are below the mid forties.   They can be found in deep holes throughout the river.   Walleyes average between 18 to 24 inches with a few lunkers of six plus pounds caught during the season to make things interesting.   Walleyes can also be caught using Clouser Minnows with sink tip lines like this happy fisherman found out. more WALLEYE?     click!

good time:

mid May through 

early June 


best time:

mid October through 

late December


h2o: 38 - 55


What's the Water Temp and Levels - Right Now?

Check out:

The Upper Delaware River is a very special place.   In addition to the fine angling, our clients can expect to see bald eagles, great blue herons, ospreys, hawks, beaver, deer, turkey and possibly black bear.

No matter what season of the year you choose, the scenery is unsurpassed with new adventures around each bend.   I hope I'll have an opportunity to introduce you to this great river.

Good Fishing and see YOU on the river!


Anthony Ritter

Gone Fishing Guide Service

Narrowsburg, New York

845.252.3657 or

845.701.3894 - MOBILE


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